Looking back at 2018 with commitments for 2019 | 100 hrs work week?

Looking back at 2018 with commitments for 2019 | 100 hrs work week?

The year 2018 has become the best year of my life till date. I was able to achieve so much in the entire year. I have always wanted to learn, explore, grow and be a better version of myself and in 2018, I really achieved a lot of those. In this blog, I want to talk about the things that happened to me or made them happen which made my year remarkable. I am also going to publicly commit through this blog about what I want to do in 2019 and review them at the end of the year and make comparisons between my commitment and my achievements.

Winning the TechTrix Hackathon 2018

Victory Celebration 😁

TechTrix Hackathon was probably my greatest achievement of the entire year. We were a team of 4 and it was everyone’s first hackathon. We had no hope of winning it especially when we started realizing that we had made no or just a little progress in the first few hours of the hackathon. It was a 24-hour long hackathon and we were able to achieve proper progress in the later hours of the hackathon.

Starting Sagarmatha Speaks and getting involved in other clubs

Sagarmatha Speaks is a club that I and my 3 other friends co-founded with a motto of letting students share their story to inspire other students. We believe that people don’t have to be a celebrity to inspire other people with their story. That was the reason behind establishing the club. We organised 3 events in the entire year inviting some celebrities for the event. We pivoted from our initial plan of letting students share their story but we invited celebrities just to gather an audience. We are rethinking our initial commitments and going to organise an event featuring students of our college themselves.

I was also heavily involved in other clubs. I helped to organise and mentor a Git and GitHub workshop organised by Sagarmatha Mozilla Club. I volunteered for an event by R Users Group Nepal (RUG Nepal) and so much more and in the start of 2019. January 4th, 2019, Sagarmatha IT club organised an event called “Exploring Careers in CSIT” and I was the event coordinator.

The leader of the Media Department at Barca Nepal

Barca Nepal is a non-profit organization of Football Club Barcelona Fans from Nepal. It has about 100K+ followers on Facebook and I was assigned as the leader of the Media Department of the organization. It was a huge responsibility for me and I think I was able to improvise some things in Barca Nepal. Till now, I have helped the organization grow audience and create contents on their YouTube channel and I have organized a photoshop workshop for the members of the organization.

Photoshop Workshop at Barca Nepal

Meeting Amazing People

The reason why I was able to achieve so much in 2018 was because I was able to surround myself with amazing people who would actually help me grow and support my initiatives. I met great people in the entire year but the one who steals the show is Mr Sonam Sherpa. He is the Chief Marketing Officer of my college and he is absolutely amazing. All the three achievements I listed above would not have been possible if I didn’t have Sonam sir in my life. He was the one to blindly trust us and let us compete in the TechTrix hackathon. He also gave us tips and tricks to deliver mind-blowing technical presentations. Due to that reason, we were able to win the hackathon. We would have never started Sagarmatha Speaks if Sonam Sir didn’t support us. He helped us manage the venue and logistics required for the first 2 events. I would never have been able to do something out of the college if I didn’t have the confidence to do it inside my college. That was my platform to grow which Sonam Sir gave me and I was able to take my enthusiasm to Barca Nepal and make some contributions there.

Sonam Sir

The other person who I really admire is Mr Keshav Dulal. Sonam Sir introduced me to him and the support and advice he has given me throughout the year have been helpful for my growth. He is very versatile and amazing. He is a teacher, a vlogger, a software engineer and what not? Keshav sir would never hesitate to reply the questions I asked him and he’d explain all of them in detail like you’re attending his lecture. He is a humble, caring and very talented person. I don’t know how he is able to manage all these but it is something I would want to learn from him.

Keshav Dulal Sir

In the whole year, I also met my seniors, especially Yankee Brother, in college who were very supportive and always ready for collaboration. Through the youTH program, I was able to meet some friends who are great in their own way. Thanks to all these people who made my year remarkable. I also met some geniuses, helpful and kind-hearted people in Barca Nepal as well.

A lot of special things happened in 2018 and I cannot cover all of them in this blog. It would get super boring. That's why I now want to briefly write about my commitments and goals for 2019.

80-100 hours work week

I am a college student and I spent about 45 hours a week at my college. In 2019, I want to push myself and focus more for 35–55 hours at my home for my self-growth. I want to spend 80 hours to 100 hours a week studying and learning additional skills. In order to do that, I want to set up a daily routine and try to implement it seriously.

Weekly Blogs

I believe that everyone should have a form to express themselves. For me, writing is the medium I feel most comfortable to express myself. To do that, I plan to write a blog every single week. 1 blog a week for the next 52 weeks. Tech blogging is one of my hobbies so I really want to push myself for doing these kinds of stuff more in the entire year.

More events

The reason why I was able to learn so much in 2018 was due to the events I was able to organise or volunteer. Why would I want to stop in 2019? I plan to organise more workshops and other kinds of events and teach the skills I have to the ones who don’t.

Hobby Projects

I want to do more hobby projects in 2019 and actually complete them. My GitHub repository is currently filled with unfinished projects. I would like to change that this year. I want to show more dedication and love towards the project I actually start.

Being productive and making progress is always a great thing to do but my goals for 2019 might seem robotic to many. They are not wrong but my priorities are different. I really will give my best to implement everything I have planned for the year. I hope things go as I have planned when I look back at 2019 at the end of 2019.